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Luxury London citizenM Hotel

Author: Date:9/1/2012 7:44:50 PM
 Modern techniques, progress of science, evolution of things around us have shown us a different world. Recently the high-tech has reached high levels of development that have succeeded to make our life easier and even more beautiful. As a text piece would say “Another world is possible”. It is the motto used for the exterior facade of the luxury London citizenM Hotel, said by Turner prize nominated Mark Titcher.
This luxury hotel makes you feel like a real Londoner the moment you pass its entrance doors. Inside you will discover colorful areas where one of them was dedicated to the traditional flag, Union Jack. The image of the flag appears on a modern sofa and the other furniture pieces around it were inspired by this motif. The hotel is a luxury, modern place where Concrete Architectural Associates focused on details and art. Although the 192 rooms may be a combination of white and black interiors some colorful accents or attractive details will always appear to animate more the atmosphere and make the spaces look more special.

As art seems present all over the place, inside there are works by Gavin Turk, Mario Testino, a video by Belgian artist Hans ob de Beeck and a jaw-dropping floor to ceiling mural by the collective Assume Vivid Astro Focus (AVAF).The peaceful atmosphere is completed by the presence of birch trees from the wooden terrace, with the beautiful hanging lanterns and the extendable wooden deck. Here the red pieces of furniture and the trees seem to bring more color to this area. If you want to feel like home then you will definitely choose the self-serve canteenM where you can enjoy all your favorite dishes and drinks. 

A kitchen is also available situated around a red wooden coffee bar along with an adjacent bakery-style open kitchen with fare. Another attraction of this place is represented by the new service of the hotel which consists of the fact that people are invited to go inside of a big black book and buy a beautiful picture, book, architecture piece  that they can keep it or have sent it at home. CitizenM Hotel is a place which can make everybody feel great, a joyful space which inspires optimism and peacefulness at the same time.