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Usage of Eames Lounge Chair

Author: Date:8/8/2012 9:29:06 AM

The first chair created by American design couple Charles and Ray Eames for the luxury market has been in our homes for 56 years.

The Eames Lounge Chair adorns all kinds of spaces and we want to show you just how impressive this chair is. With time, comes experience, which can be translated here in this design’s availability in different colors and large range of materials, which construct a distinct atmosphere around it.

Entangled in a story that promises to continue, molded plywood and leather were combined in what would become an iconic design. Some details were changed over the years, adapting the production to modern technology – the original chair was made out of five layers of Brazilian rosewood veneer, while the modern version displays seven thin wood veneer layers shaped under heat and pressure. Comfy cushions have a zipper on the outer edge, connecting them to a stiff plastic backing that allowed the veneer to be smooth, uninterrupted by marks of screws or bolts.